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Danson Park Bowls Consortium needs your help

You can earn money for us by shopping online through or

in-store at one or more of 54 retailers with a store card

It’s Simple - Here’s how


Click Here to go to

Register for free with a user name (email address) and password, select your charity (Danson Park Bowls Consortium) and your favourite retailers.

Add to your bookmarks or favourites for easy access.

When you want to shop at John Lewis, M & S or any one of over 4,000 retailers simply enter the give as you live site through your bookmarks or favourites and select the retailer you want to shop with. Shop in the normal way at the same prices.

Afterwards you will receive an email to tell you how much you have donated to the Danson Park Bowls Consortium.


You can make it even easier by downloading the appropriate app on your pc, tablet or mobile phone.

On a pc you need the app to suit your browser:-

Google Chrome -

Microsoft Edge -


Mozilla Firefox -


You will need to go to the App Store on your mobile devise to find the app. Some older devises may not support this app.

Once installed the app will automatically remind you if you are in a retailer’s site associated with A box will pop up to give you the option to shop via

Click OK and it’s done. Any purchaces in your basket will still be there.


If you don’t shop online you can still raise money by using one of the store cards available


There are 54 retailers’ store cards that can be used to raise money for Danson Park Bowls Consortium

Visit:- for a list.

Click on a retailer to learn about their store cards.

The different Types:-

Re-loadable Store Cards

These are sent through the post, a postage charge applies. Additional sums of money can be added to them via your account.

Non-reloadable Store Cards

These are sent through the post, a postage charge applies. Additional sums of money cannot be added to these cards.

Digital Code Store Cards

These are sent via an email to be printed from your computer, no charges apply. You cannot load additional sums of money onto a digital code store card, but can simply purchase another one.


Please note that the reloadable and non-reloadable store cards and digital code store or gift cards are like cash, they can be used by anyone who holds them, up to the sum available on the card.

When purchasing store cards on you must use a debit card, they do not deal in credit cards at all.

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